Monday, December 8, 2014

Respiration of Inspiration and Expiration

               The respiration is Human's object provide oxygen to the body wash out carbonite. It is called inspiration and expiration.
1. Inspiration:

  • The object of respiration is provide oxygen of the body washout carbondioxide.
  • The oxygen  provided by breathing is utilised in the combustion of end products of the digested food which in its turn generates carbondioxide.
  • With each inspiration it takes in approximately 600 cc of air and gives out 500 cc of air with higher content of carbondioxide and lesser content of oxygen.
  • During the process of inspiration the chest cavity enlarges, creating a negative pressure.
  • Which expands the elastic lungs which are two in number and are situated in the chest cavity on either side of the heart.
  • When the chest and or abdominal muscles relax, the chest cavity becomes smaller and the lungs go back to their normal position due to their elasticity.
  • Interference with the respiration may therefore cause serious consequences including unconsciousness and death.
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