Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Heart and Circulation blood

Heart and Circulation blood
  • The heart is a hallow Muscular organ situated at the centre of the Chest cavity, between the lungs on either side.
  • It acts a pump. It is divided into four chambers. The right upper chamber.
  • It called the right atrium receives impure blood from all parts of the body through blood vessels called veins.
  • When the heart beats this impure blood is passed into the right lower chamber.
  • Called Right Ventricle, and finally finds its way to the lungs where it is purified.
  • During the process of purification, it gives up carbondioxide and takes a fresh quantity of oxygen.
  • The blood so purified finds its way into the left upper chamber called left Atrium.
  • Then passes to the left lower chamber. called Left Ventricle.
  • And from there, in the course of the beating of the heart.
  • The purified blood is discharged into various blood vessels called arteries and capillaries.
  • Which convey this purified blood for the nourishment of the body as a whole.
  • Thus each heart is two pumps put together.
  • The pressure in the arteries varies with the beating of the heart.
  • When the heart contracts the pressure in the arterial system increases.
  • When the heart relaxes. the pressure in the arteries decreases.
  • This pressure exerted on the arteries is known as the"Blood Pressure".
  • And is recorded by the blood pressure instrument or a rough estimate made by feeling the pulse.
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