Monday, December 1, 2014

Foods for health

  • Food is digested in the mouth, stomach and by digestive juices secreted by various glands and in are from small intestine.

  • The largely of vegetable fibres. enters large(colon) water and mineral salts are absorbed.

  • Final waste products the body through the rectum.

  • Oxygen is also necessary for the support of life and is obtained from the air we breathe.

  • It must pass from the lungs into the blood stream and be circulated before can be of use to the body.

  • It unites with a protein in the red cells to'form a suitable for easy compound transport throughout the body.

  • Protein is chemical a compound which is derived from foodstuffs such as meat. eggs, fish etc.

  • The oxygen and the digested materials are carried in the blood stream to the tissues.

  • To supply substances for their growth and repair and to produce heat and energy.
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