Saturday, November 29, 2014

Define Eye and Ear and Tongue

a) The eyes are situated in in the front of the skull sockets and are covered with folds of skin(the eyelids) from which the eyelashes project.

b) The inside of the eyelids and front of the eye are covered by a smooth membrane(conjunctiva) and are washed and kept moist by tear fluid.

c) Through the transparent part of the eye(cornea) can be seen a coloured circular diaphragm(the iris) with a round hole(the pupil).

d) The latter varies size with in the amount of light passing through it.

e) Behind the pupil is the lens of the eye which focuses rays of light on to the light-sensitive part of the eye(retina).

The ear consists of three parts: 
a) The outer ear is that part which can be seen projecting from the side of the skull, together with the canal which leads to the eardrum.

b) The middle ear situated inside the skull, receives and transmits to the inner ear sound waves concerned in hearing. It also communicates with the back of the nose and throat by the Eustachian tube, which opens in swallowing.

c) The inner ear is embedded inside rhe skull and is concerned with the sense of balance in addition to the sense of hearing. The outer ear is separated from the middle ear by the eardrum.

a) The tongue is the muscular organ which lies on the floor of the mouth.
b) It assists in the tasting, mastication and swallowing of food.
c) In an unconscious casualty on his back.
d) The tongue tends to obstruct the throat and prevent breathing.

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