Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The trunks and it's contains

  • The Arched muscular partition(diaphgragm) divides the trunks into two cavities-the upper, the text (thorax) the lower (abdomen).
  • The upper cavity is bounded front the breastbone, in by behind by the thoracic vertebra of the spine. 
  • Below by the diaphragm. And is encircled by the ribs. It contains the heart. the lungs, major blood vessels and the gullet. 
  • The lower cavity is bounded above by the diaphragm. 
  • Below by the pelvis. Behind by the lumbar vertebrae and in front and at the sides by muscular walls.
  • It contains several important organs--the liver. in the upper part of the abdomen covered mostly by the right lower ribs: the spleen. 
  • covered by the ribs on the upper part of the left side: 
  • The stomach, just below the diaphragm on the left side: the pancreas, behind the stomach the intestines. 
  • Which occupy the greater part of the cavity: the kidneys. at the back in the region of the loins and the bladder.
  • Which lies to the front of the pelvis Certain reproductive organs lie behind the bladder.
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