Thursday, November 13, 2014

The scope of first aid


  • The first aider should examine the casualty to know the details if injuries and their nature. This is known as Diagnosis.
  • The diagnosis will give an ides of the treatment to be given until the doctors take charge.
  • The next step to send the casualty to his house or to a hospital, as the case may be, in a suitable manner. This is known as deposital.
Diagnosis of a case is based on it's history, signs and symptoms.

  1. History of the case is the story of the accident namely how the accident actually occurred, The casualty will give the history. If he is unconscious, someone who saw the accident will help. The abandoned scooter or a broken pillar near the place and it's condition.
  2. Symptoms are what the casualty that the First-Aider like plan, shivering, faintness, etc. Pain described the casualty will that the first aider to the region of injury without waste of time.
  3. Signs are what's the first aider feels and finds out of himself like paleness, swelling of parts injured, bleeding, deformity of the limbs etc. The first aider has undergone will help him make these observations correctly.
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