Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The upper limbs and shoulder bone

The Ribs and Shoulder Bone(clavicle)

  • The bones are the collar bone(clavicle) one on each side between upper part of the breast bone on the front and shoulder joint and the shoulder blade(scapula).
  • The clavicle is a very brittle bone and is common site of fracture.
  • It's function is top keep away the upper limb from the chest.
  • One should each side in the upper and outer part on the back of the chest.
  • The bones of upper limbs are:
  1. Upper arm bone (humerus).
  2. Forearm bones

These are two bones:

  1. Radius (Outer side of forearm)
  2. Ulna (Inner side of forearm)
  • These are 8 carpal bones at the wrist and five metacarpal bones at the palm of the hand.
  • These are three small bones in each finger called phalanges and 2 bones for each thumb.
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