Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Tissue's and Ligaments

The Tissue's and Ligaments:

Thickened portions of a joint capsule are called ligaments.
They check movements beyond normal permissible limits.
 If there is simple injury to the ligaments of the joints, it is called sprain.

Connective Tissue:
consists of yellow elastic and white fibrous tissue intermixed in varying proportions.
It is present in many parts of the body and forms a layer between the skin and under-lying flesh all over the body.
fat being contained between its meshes. often in large quantties. 
The chief use of connective tissue is to bind parts together The skin covers the whole of the body and protects the under-lying structures.
It consists of two layers. The outer or hard layer(cuticle) and the inner layer true skin or dermis).
In the latter are numerous glands which secrete sweat(consisting of water and impurities from the blood)
The evaporation of which from the surface of the skin cools it and helps to regulate the temperature of the body.

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