Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The backbone functions at human body


It consist the thirty three small rounded small pieces of bones, each called a vertebra, placed one above the other:

7  in the Neck Region             (Cervical)
12in the Back Region              (Thoracic or dorsal)
5 in the waist  Region             (Lumbar)
5 in the Hip    Region              (Sacral)
4 in the Tail    Region              (Coccygial)
       In between each vertebra, there is a thick piece of cartilage, called "Disc" which allows movement as well as acts as a shock absorber. There is a central canel through which the spinal cord passes and carries nerve inpulses and  from the brain. 
       There is any injury. one vertebra may be displaced over another, thus the the cord is pressed or cut causing paralysis, due to interruption in the pathway of nerves Ths damage may occur immediately at the time of injury or may be caused by careless handling after the accident. 
        It is, therefore, extremely important to handle with care all persons who have suffered severe injury to their back or neck.

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