Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rule of First aid


The best advice to the First Aider is: "Make haste slowly."

  • Reach the accident spot quickly, This will help to safe life.
  • Be calm, methodical and quick. By doing so you can lessen the pain and the effects of the injuries which may safe life . Handling the casualty clumsily will only make the final recovery difficult.
  • Look for the following:
  1. Is there failure of breathing?
  2. Is there serve bleeding?
  3. Is the shock light or serve?
  4. Attend to these and then treat easily observable injuries.
  5. Start artificial respiration , if the casualty is not breathing is must begin at once as every second gained in helpful.
  6. Stop bleeding by pressing on pressure point on press firmly on the bleeding area with a pad, and keep up pressing on the bleeding area for at least a few minutes by watch. Take help, if needed.
  7. Treat for shock. Avoid handling the casualty unnecessarily.
  8. Use the first aid equipment , If available: All passenger trains, some railway stations and buses, trains keep them.
  9. Make use of the materials so obtained. One most occasions so stand first aid equipment will not available. You will have to depend on the material at hand and improvise them for your requirements.
  10. Inspect the area. Take the casualty away from live waves, fallen walls beams, fire, broken gas chambers, moving machinery etc.
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