Friday, November 14, 2014

How to make a First Aid treatment?


        It is in treating the casualty that in the First Aider's Training will come into use. The first Aider should read his book again and again lest he forgets the principles of treatment. The main Ideas are:

  • If the cause of accident is still there, remove it, eg., a live electric wire, pillars or logs on body, etc. Or remove the casualty from the danger, eg, a burning house, a room with poisonous gases etc.
  • See that the casualty is comfortable, promote recovery and see that the condition does not becomes worse.
  • The following conditions require the First aider's prompt attention: failure of breathing, stoppage of heart, serve bleeding and shock, poisoning, major burns, head injuries and fractures.
  • Continue treatment until the doctor takes charge.The earlier doctor takes charge the greater the chances of recovery.
  • First, takes the casualty to the nearest shelter. The best of course, it the hospital. Or it can be his house or the nearest clinic.
  • The quickest means of transport should be made using of .A carefully wondered message to the relatives.
  • As to his conditions and also to what place he is being taken, must be sent.Someone in the crowd well generally helps in this.
  • It is of course the duty of police and they are most reliable.
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