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        The structure of the supporting framework of the body on the consist of separate bones joint together by means of cartilage, Ligaments and Muscles.

The parts of skeletons are:
1. The skull
2. The black bone or spine
3. The ribs and breast bone
4. The upper limbs
5. The pelvis
6. The lower limbs bones

The skull:
The skull is skeleton of the hand and is made up for the following bones:
       Two Forming the roof of the mouth or the upper jaw. All these bones are joined together and from the skull contain the brain, and has bony provision for formation of eyes, ears and nose. It is rounded in shape and has an opening at the bottom through which the spinal cord enters enter the vertebral column. It's lower portion also forms the upper jaw. The lower jaw is the separate single bone which is attached to the skull and consist of one horizontal portion in the centre, and two vertical portion at these sides. The junction of the vertical and the horizontal portions is commonly referred to as the angle of the jaw.
       The jaw because this has be pressed forward in case on the unconscious victim to prevent the fall-back of the tongue which impedes the airway. When the blow on a head causes bleeding from a head vessels inside the closed box of brain, the blood is unable to escape and gets to collected and presses the brain tissue. This leads to headache, irritability, unconsciousness and may cause death. This dangerous consciousness and may cause death. This dangerous development makes it important to place all persons of head injury under care of medical supervision.

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